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Kasus Freeport

Sekedar gambaran permasalahan yang terjadi pada kasus freeport. Pendapat yang menurut saya masuk akal dan lumayan netral.


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Script backup server

Step 1: Install s3cmd to access the S3 bucket from your server. (Optional: S3 backup only)

sudo apt-get install s3cmd

s3cmd --configure

The option –configure will prompt for S3 bucket and credentials. Just follow the prompt, you may get this information from your AWS S3 Console using this guide. At the end of the command, s3cmd will prompt you to test and verify connection.

Step 2: Create the backup script.

Copy the script below which allows backup of your database and file system into your backup folder. The script includes command to transfer backup files to S3. You may remove them should you not need to transfer the files to s3.

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